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Barbara named partner at BayCare Clinic

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Headshot of Dr. David Barbara, BayCare Clinic

Dr. David W. Barbara has been named a physician partner at BayCare Clinic.

Earning partnership gives BayCare Clinic physicians shared ownership in the joint venture hospital Aurora BayCare Medical Center, a greater voice in determining how BayCare Clinic’s resources are allocated and ultimately, greater input as to how its patients experience health care.

Barbara is a board-certified anesthesiologist with BayCare Clinic Anesthesia. He practices at Aurora BayCare Medical Center, 2845 Greenbrier Road, and at Aurora BayCare Health Center, 2253 W. Mason St., both in Green Bay. He also practices at Aurora BayCare Health Center, 1500 Arbor Way in Kaukauna.

He joined BayCare Clinic in 2018.

Published: Friday, November 20, 2020