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BayCare Clinic Foundation Announces New Grants to Support Local Initiatives

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The BayCare Clinic Foundation has recently awarded two impactful grants to programs dedicated to making a difference in the lives of individuals across Northeast Wisconsin. 

Firstly, a grant of $3,500 has been extended to support the Exceptional Equestrian’s hippotherapy program. This initiative has been a beacon of hope for individuals from age 2 to adulthood with various physical, cognitive, or mental health needs for the past 25 years. The program leverages the therapeutic potential of horse movement to facilitate significant cognitive, physical, and psychological advancements in participants. 

Furthermore, the "Storing Dignity" project, led by Leadership Green Bay, has been granted $5,000 to aid in its mission to provide a secure space for Veterans and homeless individuals to store their personal belongings. This program not only safeguards important documents and items for those in need but also extends a network of support through collaboration with established programs, truly embodying the essence of community assistance. 

These grants underscore the Foundation's dedication to fostering positive change, enhancing health and education, and building a stronger community. We're proud to be part of these initiatives and look forward to the continued success and impact of these valuable programs. 

Please join us in congratulating and supporting these projects as we work together toward a healthier, more connected community. 

Published: Friday, March 22, 2024