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BayCare Clinic Foundation offering scholarships

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The BayCare Clinic Foundation will provide scholarships to support local students planning to attend college, particularly those pursuing a career in health care.

The Griffin Scholarship is available to high school seniors who have good grades, participate in extra-curricular activities and demonstrate a work history but aren’t necessarily ranked at the top of their class. It’s for students not receiving other scholarship offers and for those whose parents can’t fully fund their plans for college.

The scholarship provides two $500 merit-based scholarships each year toward college or technical school tuition. Students studying at online colleges are ineligible.

Another scholarship, the merit-based BayCare Clinic Foundation Healthcare Scholarship, awards $2,000 to students seeking a health care career.

Prospective applicants for either scholarship option are encouraged to visit the scholarship section of the BayCare Clinic website between now and Monday, April 5, for more information or to apply for these scholarships. April 5 is the deadline for application submissions.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted for any scholarship offers.

Published: Monday, January 11, 2021