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BayCare Clinic in the News: Protecting against the coronavirus

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Dr. Christopher Painter is interviewed by WBAY Channel 2 News

WHO: Dr. Christopher Painter, an emergency medicine physician with BayCare Clinic, spoke with WBAY Channel 2 News about coronavirus prevention.

WHAT: The 2019 coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, can cause severe respiratory illness. It was first identified in China. Painter urged calm and promoted common-sense safety practices while advising against the public using face masks to combat the coronavirus. “We have to be fitted for them and if they are not worn properly, they are not effective. The other piece of that too is if you are wearing a face mask, you are touching your face more frequently, manipulating the mask where you could present contamination to your face and put yourself at a slightly increased risk.”

WHERE: The story aired on WBAY Channel 2 News.

WHEN: It is available online. Watch the video.

Published: Wednesday, March 4, 2020