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Don’t let a need for glasses sideline you

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Dr. LaVallie BayCare Eye Specialists poses by eyewear

Wearing glasses doesn’t have to be an excuse for sitting out of sports or work.

“We offer prescription lenses for many types of activities,” says Dr. Brad LaVallie, an optometrist with BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists.

“Love playing basketball but hate having to wear your glasses to see those smooth passes coming your way? We’ve got you covered. We offer prescription lenses for basketball goggles. We have prescription lenses for other needs as well.”

Prescription eyewear for work

Some people need protective eyewear for jobs and tasks that may expose them to flying debris or other conditions that pose a hazard to the eyes.

“We offer our patients safety prescription glasses that can help them see clearly while better ensuring that their eyes have the maximum amount of protection they need to remain safe from harm,” LaVallie says.

Specialty prescription eyewear

The optical specialists at BayCare Clinic also fit specialty prescriptions such as progressive no-line multifocal lens and strong prescriptions.

“Our specialists can help find the right kind of eyewear for any home, work or recreational setting,” LaVallie says.

Published: Monday, April 24, 2023
Author: Femi Cole