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Implant Surgery with Dr. Brandon E. Newell Was “A Blessing” for Barb

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Oral surgery patient Barb Weisnicht poses for a photo with her husband, Jerry.
Oral surgery patient Barb Weisnicht poses for a photo with her husband, Jerry.

Barb Weisnicht has been through more than her fair share of oral health problems over the past several years. But she’s found Dr. Brandon E. Newell, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with Oral Surgery & Implant Specialists BayCare Clinic, to be a blessing.

“I actually did tell him that if I ever needed any other oral surgery or implant, I would definitely be back to him,” Barb said.

A Troublesome Tooth and an Implant Setback

It all started with an infection from a root canal that failed. Barb’s general dentist prescribed her medication to combat the infection, but after experiencing a range of health complications linked to the infection, she made the decision to have the tooth extracted in March of 2022.

That summer, Barb got an implant to replace that tooth. Unfortunately, the implant failed due to insufficient bone in the area. She was experiencing pain and struggling to eat, leading Barb to seek the expertise of a new surgeon for help. That’s when she found Dr. Newell.

A Trustworthy Oral Surgeon

She first saw Dr. Newell in January of 2023 for a consultation and knew from that day on, he and his team would take great care of her.

“He made my husband and me feel relaxed and explained everything so thoroughly,” Barb recalled. “He brought up my images on the computer and just went through everything. He actually drew out what he wanted to do, and just made me feel comfortable.”

Dr. Newell’s plan was to take bone from her lower jaw and graft it into the upper jaw where she needed a new implant, ensuring there would be enough to have a solid foundation this time.

“It sounded rather scary, but we felt comfortable. He knew exactly what he needed to do,” Barb said.

Barb had her bone grafting done in March and got her implant replaced in October. The waiting was difficult and she was a bit anxious, but everything went as planned.

“He's totally aware of the patient,” Barb said. “He knew I was having pain before I even had a chance to tell him, so he's totally aware of the patient as he's working.”

Barb describes Dr. Newell’s bedside manner as “awesome,” and he gave her another reason to love him – he personally called her to see how she was doing after each procedure.

“He’s very, very considerate and is always checking to see if you're okay,” Barb said.

Despite encountering the setbacks and challenges Barb faced prior to finding Dr. Newell, she now knows he is an oral surgeon she can trust.

Published: Monday, March 25, 2024