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Meet Caitlin Romenesko, medical aesthetician

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Caitlin Romenesko, a medical aesthetician with BayCare Clinic, poses with her dog.

The steep contours of Utah’s ski and snowboard hills drew Caitlin Romenesko out west. The contours of the human face brought her back home to Wisconsin.

Romenesko, a medical aesthetician with Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists by BayCare Clinic, has long loved skiing and snowboarding.

“I would go to the Granite Peak area (near Wausau), like, every weekend,” says Romenesko, who grew up in Little Chute. “I’m a huge skier and snowboarder.”

Her passion for skiing and snowboarding took her to Park City, Utah, the perfect place for spending hours on the slopes.

While that offered plenty of fun and excitement, something else held a stronger allure for Romenesko – an interest in human anatomy, makeup and skincare.

“I’ve always had an interest in my skin and would consider myself a bit of a product junkie,” she says. “I’ve tried them all it seems like and would buy all the new serums that were coming out or makeup. I enjoyed getting facials growing up.”

It’s why she enrolled at the Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare in Salt Lake City, Utah. While there, Romenesko gained expertise as a medical aesthetician, specializing in skin health.

Her mother, a former nurse, inspired her pursuit of a medical career.

“Growing up, I always wanted to help people the way she did,” Romenesko says. “Her co-workers would always rave about her and her caring soul. She has always been a caretaker. She just loves the role of caring for others and seeing the best in everyone and every situation.”

Just like her mother, Romenesko enjoys helping others.

“I like being able to help people see a beautiful them,” Romenesko says. “Helping them fall in love with what they see in the mirror again.”

After six years in Utah, Romenesko moved back to Wisconsin to be closer to family and friends. She joined the care team at BayCare Clinic Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists in 2020.

She was drawn to the team’s humor, friendliness and the fun work environment. She also was impressed with the high level of care the team provided its patients.

Romenesko sees patients in Green Bay and specializes in skin care, specifically, facial skin care. That includes skin resurfacing treatments, non-surgical procedures, laser treatments, injections, facials, permanent makeup options and rejuvenation treatments. She also offers CoolSculpting treatments.

Keen on educating patients about their specific skin conditions, Romenesko works collaboratively with them to determine the treatment options that best meet their needs and address their facial skin concerns. She also helps patients address skin concerns in other parts of the body.

“I want what is best for them and their skin and hope that I can provide them with the tools they need to achieve their ultimate skincare goals,” Romenesko says.

She is trained in 3D areola tattooing, a form of medical tattooing. She received her training from the Sauler Institute of Tattooing in Pennsylvania.

3D areola tattooing is used to create a natural-looking areola and nipple for post-mastectomy, breast cancer and breast reduction patients who may have scars or irregular areolas resulting from mastectomy.

This non-surgical procedure “helps camouflage white scars into flesh like skin tones and colors to match so they don’t stand out,” Romenesko says.

She intends to expand her skills with training in paramedical aesthetics. Doing so will enable her to better assist burn trauma victims with their skin care needs.

Outside of work, Romenesko enjoys spending time hiking, biking, longboarding, boating and walking her dog. Oh, yeah, and skiing and snowboarding, too.

Published: Friday, July 23, 2021