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Adult Strabismus

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Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned and point in different directions

What causes strabismus?

Strabismus is caused by an imbalance of the eye muscles. The eyes may cross, drift outward, or one eye may be higher than the other. Because the eyes can't work together to focus properly, people with strabismus may develop double vision.

Strabismus also can be caused by medical conditions that include diabetes, thyroid disease, myasthenia gravis, head trauma, high blood pressure or stroke.

Who gets strabismus?

Strabismus affects about 4 percent of adults. Most adults with strabismus have had the condition since childhood but have not been treated for it.

How is strabismus treated?

Treatment for adults with strabismus may include surgery, occasional Botox injections or prismatic glasses. Talk to your doctor to determine a treatment plan.

What does strabismus surgery involve?

Strabismus surgery realigns the eyes by changing the length or position of the eye muscles.

This is accomplished by using adjustable sutures, or stitches. At first, the sutures are secured with a temporary knot. Shortly after surgery, the alignment of the eyes is reevaluated. Based on that evaluation, the surgeon may tighten or loosen the sutures. When the eyes are properly aligned, the suture is secured permanently.

What are the benefits of strabismus surgery?

Strabismus surgery can offer improved vision quality, depth perception and field of vision. It also can eliminate double vision.

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