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Meet Dr. Xinqian Chen, pain and rehab medicine

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Photo of Dr. Xinqian Chen behind a long-lens camera. He is dressed in outdoors attire.

Pain and rehab medicine, BayCare Clinic and Wisconsin are the perfect mix for Dr. Xinqian Chen.

He began his medical career as an orthopedic surgeon while living and working in China. When he moved to the United States, he embarked on a slightly different path.

“I worked in an orthopedic lab for a few years, then decided to go into the medical field to practice medicine and chose rehab and pain management,” Chen says. “I think that field is very close to orthopedics. It’s an area I’m good at and familiar with, particularly the spine.”

He’s worked as a board-certified physiatrist with BayCare Clinic since 2010. Thus far, it’s been a fulfilling experience.

It’s rewarding to work with patients and help them understand the cause of their pain and discomfort while also determining a solution to their condition, he says.

“When a patient comes to see me, at first, I sit down with them and analyze their problems …,” he says. “I help them find out exactly what’s going on, what they should do. In pain management, it’s not just about treating the pain, you have to also find out what’s causing the patient their pain.

“I enjoy seeing patients come back for a follow-up appointment and the problem is resolved or their pain is relieved.”

Outside of work, Chen says most of his free time is spent with his wife, two children, and a camera. Photography has been a passion of his for years.

Photo taken by Dr. Xinqian Chen with BayCare Clinic Pain and Rehab Medicine

“I didn’t always make the time to spend on photography but find enjoyment in it so I make the time now. I particularly like wildlife photography. It’s beautiful in Wisconsin. If you’re looking, you can always find more, regardless of the season.”

Published: Wednesday, June 19, 2019