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Meet Rachel Ullmer, a Nurse Injector Passionate About Skincare

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Rachel Ullmer, LPN

What started as a passion for dermatology and skincare has blossomed into an aesthetic nursing career for Rachel Ullmer, LPN.

Ullmer has been a nurse since 2011 and joined BayCare Clinic in 2014. Her many years of experience in the dermatology and plastic surgery specialties have given her knowledge and expertise that naturally lend to aesthetic injecting services.

“My favorite aspect of what I do is always helping people feel their best,” Ullmer says, acknowledging that it can be a true journey for people.

She strives to build honest, trusting relationships with her patients. Ullmer especially appreciates helping patients who have permanent asymmetry in their face due to medical events like a stroke. Using aesthetic injectables, Rachel can balance out the asymmetry.

“Knowing that they feel more comfortable facing the world, not having to explain to everybody, perhaps, why they look the way they do, that is really rewarding to me,” Ullmer says.

Ullmer considers herself lucky to be a part of the knowledgeable and collaborative team at Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists by BayCare Clinic.

“Our plastic surgeons will come over and tap me if there's a patient that may benefit from Botox and I can do that consultation while they’re here,” she says. “If a patient comes to me with a spot of concern, I can go ahead and tap one of our aestheticians to have them come on in.”

At home, Ullmer’s two children keep her busy and she likes to stay active.

“I love to read. I love to watch movies. I love to play games. I love being outside and keeping the old brain stimulated,” she says with a smile.

Published: Thursday, March 21, 2024