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Meet Sheena Wagner, Licensed Aesthetician and Skincare Fairy Godmother

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Sheena Wagner and her husband at Disney World.

While she doesn’t dress up like a “crazy” Disney adult, Sheena Wagner absolutely considers herself a Disney adult. Wagner and her husband, a fellow Disney adult, visit Disney World at least once per year to experience the enchantment together.

“I love all the parks, rides and shopping; just the whole situation in general is my favorite,” Wagner says. Tinker Bell is her favorite character and she will watch The Little Mermaid any day of the week.

As the senior medical aesthetician for Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists by BayCare Clinic, Wagner could also be your skincare fairy godmother.

Born and raised in Chicago, she’s been in medical aesthetics for the past 20 years. It all started with her desire to be a makeup artist, which prompted her to go to school for aesthetics. But her first job as a makeup artist helped her realize she preferred medical aesthetics.

“I’m a very results-driven person,” Wagner says. “I wanted to provide services that would truly help people see improvements in their skin, versus just doing facials or makeup.”

Wagner moved to Green Bay with her husband in 2018 and now oversees the Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists aesthetics team.

She specializes in laser hair reduction and light treatments targeting skin pigmentation issues, such as sun damage and rosacea. For those looking to improve the texture of their skin, Wagner offers microneedling and chemical peels. She also helps people reduce fat through CoolSculpting.

“I love getting people to where they want to be skin wise, treating the thing that bothers them the most,” she says.

Wagner treats all her patients with dignity, working with them to determine problem areas and develop realistic treatment plans that will make their aesthetic dreams come true.

Published: Thursday, March 21, 2024