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Wireless Technology


Easily connect with wireless hearing aid technology

Hearing Center BayCare Clinic provides the most advanced technology on the market, including several Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids designed to make connecting with family and friends easier.

These hearing aids can connect directly to Bluetooth-enabled devices like Apple or Android smartphones, allowing you to stream phone calls, music or any audio signal directly to your hearing aids.

Widex TV Play or Phonak TV Connector accessories can be plugged directly into any TV with an audio jack port, allowing users to stream audio from TV shows and movies directly to hearing aids.

Several manufacturers, including Widex and Phonak, also offer downloadable apps that provide users with the ability to adjust the volume or tone of hearing aids on a smartphone. The applications also offer remote product support and a tracking feature for misplaced hearing aids.

Widex and Phonak have created several other accessories that can connect to Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices, including cordless phones and remote microphones that can be used to hear sound over a greater distance or in a crowded room.

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