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Facial Injury and Trauma Treatment

Oral Surgery & Implant Specialists

Restoring function and aesthetics with specialized care

Our highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeons specialize in the treatment and repair of facial trauma. They have extensive expertise in addressing a wide range of injuries, such as fractures that involve the teeth and jaws, fractures of other facial bones and soft tissue injuries to the face and mouth. With our advanced training and experience, our surgeons are well-equipped to provide comprehensive care for patients with facial trauma, ensuring optimal outcomes and restoring both function and aesthetics.

Understanding facial fractures and their impact on oral health and function

Fractures to the facial bones are a serious injury. These fractures can involve the lower jaw (mandible), upper jaw (maxilla), palate, cheekbones (zygomas), eye sockets (orbits), frontal bone (forehead), nasal bones or a combination of these bones.

Teeth also can be affected, leading to changes in their alignment and occlusion. Injuries to the face can have major implications, affecting the ability to breathe, speak, swallow and chew. Treatment commonly involves hospitalization to address these complex injuries.

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