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CO2RE® Skin Rejuvenation and Resurfacing

Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists

Healthy, rejuvenated skin

The CO2RE is a C02 (Carbon Dioxide) laser that removes layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method to encourage the growth of new healthier skin cells and collagen.

During the procedure, our plastic surgeons target the skin surface, middle and deep dermal levels simultaneously removing columns of skin and leaving skin surrounding each column intact to aid in healing.  

The treatment is less invasive than traditional skin ablation and offers providers the opportunity to treat both superficial imperfections and deep layers of skin at the same time. 

The CO2RE laser can help treat:

  • Static Wrinkles. Wrinkles that don’t change appearance with facial movements.
  • Pigmentation. Freckles, sun spots, or other darkened patches of skin resulting mainly from sun exposure.
  • Scars. From acne or injury to the skin.
  • Vascular conditions. Blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin, vascular lesions, or facial redness.
  • Loss of skin tone. Weakening of the supportive skin structures that result in a loss of skin firmness.

Is CO2RE safe?

Yes, the CO2RE laser has received FDA clearance for more than 90 applications and our providers will review your medical and skin history during the consultation to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Is CO2RE painful?

You may experience slight to moderate discomfort during the procedure. To minimize discomfort, we do apply a topical anesthetic prior to treatment which, for most, makes the treatment very tolerable.

How many CO2RE laser treatments will I need?

Typically, one treatment is enough to achieve significant improvement. Following the treatment, you should gradually notice the changes.

What is recovery like following a CO2RE procedure?

Immediately after the procedure you can expect a sunburn like sensation, which may last for several hours or a few days. In the days following, you will experience peeling of dead skin from the treated area that may last 7 to 10 days.

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