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DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

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DIEP flap breast reconstruction

Our surgeons offer a variety of surgical options for patients seeking breast reconstruction. DIEP flap breast reconstruction is the most advanced breast reconstruction surgery used today.

In DIEP flap surgery, surgeons use the patient’s lower abdominal skin and fat to reconstruct breast tissue after mastectomy.

Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists by BayCare Clinic physicians are uniquely trained to perform DIEP flap breast reconstruction for patients in northeastern Wisconsin.

During the procedure, skin, fat, and blood vessels are taken from the patient’s abdomen, moved to the chest, and the tissue is then reshaped into a breast.

Unlike the TRAM flap procedure, no muscle is typically removed during the DIEP flap procedure.

DIEP flap reconstruction can be performed on one or both breasts.

Once the new tissue is in place, microsurgery is used to connect the blood vessels in the flap to blood vessels in the chest.

Surgeons use precision microscopes and instruments to repair small blood vessels less than a few millimeters in diameter.

Benefits of the DIEP flap procedure

  • Transferred tissue lasts forever and does not require long-term imaging as is the case with traditional implants
  • Microsurgery helps restore skin and tissue in the treatment area
  • It’s all natural - only the patient’s skin and fat are used to reconstruct the breast
  • Opportunity for faster recovery with improved core function

Breast cancer reconstruction act

The Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act, passed in 1998, is a federal law that provides protections to patients who choose to have breast reconstruction in connection with a mastectomy or cancer diagnosis.

The law requires most group insurance plans that cover mastectomies to also cover breast reconstruction.

We can also provide breast reconstruction surgery months or even years after removal, after you recover from any additional cancer treatments. Many patients also opt for a breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction for the opposite breast to improve symmetry, position, and size.

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