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BayCare Clinic in the News: High-risk women urged to prioritize early breast cancer screening

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Dr. Natalie Luehmann via zoom

Importance of breast cancer screening

Dr. Natalie Luehmann, a breast surgeon with Aurora BayCare General & Vascular Surgery, was interviewed via Zoom for a WBAY Channel 2 News health feature story about breast cancer screenings.

A state bill proposal would eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for such screenings.

Luehmann emphasized the significance of early detection through mammograms and the need for supplemental screenings for high-risk women.

“The information we get from that mammogram and getting screened early and on time is very important in terms of detecting the cancer early,” Luehmann says. “If we find a cancer on a screening mammogram that’s small and you can’t even feel yet, it can drastically change the prognosis for that cancer.”

The complete interview is available online. Watch it here.

Published: Wednesday, March 8, 2023
Author: Jeff Ash