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Common Questions

General & Vascular Surgery

What do I do if I can't have a bowel movement after surgery?

Drink plenty of liquids, you may take over the counter stool softeners as directed on the bottle. You may take Milk of Magnesia as directed on the bottle (If you have kidney failure, do not take MOM). If you continue to have problems, please call your doctor's office.

Can I have a refill of my pain medication?

If you are still having discomfort and running out of pain medication, please call the office and speak with the nurse. They will speak to your physician about a refill. If you receive the nurses voicemail, please be sure to leave the name of the pharmacy you wish the prescription to be phoned into. This will prevent delays. If your pain is minor, you may try over the counter pain medication and use per the bottles instructions. (Please make sure you are aware of any allergies before taking over the counter medications).

What do I need to do with my incision/wound following surgery?

Upon discharge from the hospital, the nurses should give you specific instructions on dressing changes or wound care. If you have questions, please call the office. If you have staples, stitches and/or steri-strips you may remove the dressing (DO NOT REMOVE THE STERI-STRIPS) in 48 hours, if needed you may apply a dry dressing over the staples or stitches for comfort. If you have a drain, please keep the drain site covered with a dry gauze and change daily.

When can I take a shower?

If you have staples or stitches and or steri-strips you may shower 48 hours following the procedure. If you have a drain, you may not shower until the drain is removed.

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